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Engaging and thought-provoking, our CEO and motivational speaker delivers keynotes that offer professional and personal value to the audience.

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Our keynote presentations follow the underlying themes of unlocking human potential, inspiring others to become their best, living on purpose, and reaching total fulfillment.

Keynote Presentation Topics

As a leadership keynote speaker hired by hundreds of companies all over the world, CEO and change maker, Chad Sanschagrin has motivated and inspired audiences of thousands to improve their lives and create a path to fulfillment through speaking engagements. Authentic and engaging, keynote presentations are customized to resonate with the intended audiences and weave in company themes as requested.

How to Recognize the "Cannonball Moment"

Recognizing and understanding the moment when your purpose meets a new path and inspires changes in all aspects of your life - that is the Cannonball Moment, which can define the path forward. This is how to recognize the moment and harness the power.

How to Create A Company Culture of Growth, Fulfillment, and Profit

Focusing on a culture that fosters success, this presentation offers actionable ways to create a company culture that empowers individuals and teams to reach optimal performance.

How to Effectively Lead, Delegate, and Empower Your People

While leading, delegating, and empowering are key responsibilities of a great leadership team, the road to get there is not necessary paved and straight. This presentation offers a roadmap to achieving these goals.


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