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There is something to be said about peeking into the minds of others and learning about their path to personal and professional fulfillment. With a thirst to always be learning, and evolving, we are sharing inspirational stories with our clients and friends through our blog posts.


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During his musings and meditations, Chad has a chance to reflect on his life in the past, present, and future. He uses those insights and thoughts as inspiration and motivation for others and shares those insights through his writing.



Tap into the minds of individuals who have paved their own path by harnessing their own potential and living it to the fullest. Listen and learn as our friends share their stories, thoughts, tips, and advice for living your best life.

Judge Graham

Judge Graham

He joined me and delivered 4 powerful business lessons on entrepreneurship. Oh, and guess what? You won’t hear about these in college.

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Chad's Recommended REading


Daniel H. Pink

If you want to find out the true ways to motivate others and yourself, you must find ways to be intrinsically motivated which includes Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

The Universe has Your Back

Gabrielle Bernstein

Gabrielle Bernstein does a great job of illustrating how we are the authors of our lives. When we write a story of love, happiness, fulfillment and gratitude for ourselves, the universe will always support that.


Atomic Habit

James Clear

This is the cornerstone book when it comes to changing your habits and helping you gain control over your life. James clear dives into how we must change our outcomes, our processes and our identities to create habits and achieve the life we want.

The Other Wes Moore

Wes Moore

A true story about two men with the same exact name, the same circumstances but the only differences are their self-expectations. It teaches us that the expectations you set for yourself, are more paramount than any expectation that is set for you.

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill

This book is the foundation of all self-help and growth mindset books. I would highly recommend this as the first book someone should read if they’re searching for mastery in their life. This book dives into the psychological power of thought with relation to your professional and person life.

Living with Seal

Jesse Itzler

The book that is going to make you get off the couch and go crush life! One man’s story about living with a Navy SEAL and how it teaches us that each of us have greatness within us, sometimes we just need the help of someone else to bring that greatness out of us! 



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