Career events that use facilitated interactions with prospects and informal group interviews for company recruiting

Recruiting Professionals Done Differently

Through our career development, we host events focused on recruiting. Through the careful facilitation of company group interview events – or Career Nights – Cannonball can give managers, directors, and executives a live view of how individuals act and engage in a more natural setting as opposed to formal one-on-one interviews.

New Approach to Identifying the Right Candidates

While one-on-one interviews still have a place, gathering a group of individuals interested in becoming a part of the company creates a unique atmosphere and allows personalities to emerge in a more natural environment.

Group Dynamic

By observing a group and the interactions, the energy of the room can be seen and felt. This is an important indicator of a prospect's success if selected to become a part of the team.

Interpersonal Skills

Managers, directors, and team members can observe important soft skills and remove the layer of formalities that accompany one-on-one interviews.

Natural vs. Planned

The group environment offers chance to watch someone navigate an unfamiliar situation in a way that feels intuitive as opposed to how it "should" be navigated.


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