Cannonball Moments

A Cannonball Moment is when purpose meets a new path. It is understanding the “why” that drives what we do. In that moment, life takes on a new meaning and our purpose becomes clear. It is a moment that inspires fulfillment in all areas of life and changes the future by asking us to be fully present.

the Cannonball Story

Cannonball was founded on the belief that Cannonball Moments happen to all of us – and when they do, they are lifechanging. When a Cannonball Moment happened to our founder, Chad Sanschagrin, he knew that his new life mission was to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of others around the world by inspiring them to experience their own Cannonball Moments. He went on to create Cannonball to live his purpose and inspire and empower leaders and sales teams across the country to unlock their potential and create a life they believe is truly worth living.

Our Mission

The Cannonball mission is to positively contribute to the wellbeing of all individuals by helping them reach their potential so they can invite and welcome an abundance of love, health, success, and joy into their lives.


Our Company Values


We believe in a growth mindset that invites continuous improvement by viewing situations with a positive perspective.


We believe in maintaining a state of high-energy and upholding an intention to contribute to the wellbeing of others.


We embrace an attitude of contribution and worthiness to create balance, abundance, and satisfaction in all aspects of life.


We maintain our gratitude in all we do by keeping a grateful state of mind and creating alignment within all of our intentions.


When we accept our unique selves, we believe our platform matters. We strive to become our own best version and encourage others to do the same.


Cannonball Leadership

Meet the team who lives, breathes, and leads the Cannonball mission.

Chad Sanschagrin

Owner, CEO, Author, International Keynote Speaker, Trainer

Chad began Cannonball to use the skills he gained as a top-rated sales professional for a national homebuilder to empower, motivate, and encourage others to reach their full potential. He is a well-known executive leadership and sales coach who has delivered keynote presentations at over 400 events, in more than 40 states, and in seven countries.

Morgan Lurz


Morgan is an experienced sales professional with exceptional communications, time management, organizational structure, account management and customer service skills. Lurz earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Marketing from York College of Pennsylvania.

phil mcshan

Director of Training

Phil’s passion for coaching and training sales professionals evolved from two uniquely different experiences in his life: as a new home salesperson and a pastor. With more than 14 years of experience in sales training the Houston native uses his natural enthusiasm, knowledge, insight, and humor to motivate and guide people to realizing their potential. Prior to joining Cannonball Moments, Phil held executive level training positions for K. Hovnanian Homes and a private consulting firm.

Brook Jennings

National Trainer

Brook is an accomplished sales leader with a decade of experience. She is driven by the desire to always look forward and grow in every aspect of her life, both personally and professionally. Brook is consistently pursuing improvement while simultaneously spreading joy to every person she comes in contact with. 

She is Nashville born and bred, holds a degree in psychology, and is a proud first-generation graduate. All accolades aside, her biggest and most proud accomplishment is being a wife and mom to three beautiful girls


Director of Construction Training

With two generations of construction workers before him, Greg Cooper began his own career cleaning up job sites as a teenager in the San Jose area. He worked his way through every construction role and task—including carpenter, framer, superintendent, scheduler, purchaser, and estimator. Greg moved into leadership roles, both with local and national builders where his problem-solving ability impacted an even larger group of workers. He joined Cannonball Moments as Director of Construction to provide coaching to superintendents, assistant superintendents, and customer service managers. Greg’s vast construction experience and unique perspective help him better understand the challenges faced by these critical team members and then coach them to adopt more effective solutions.

lauren shovlin

Operations Coordinator

Lauren joins us as our stellar Operations Coordinator


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