Customer Service Training

Empowering customer service teams with the knowledge and tools to provide top-notch service for internal and external audiences.

Empowering Exemplary Customer Service

The foundation of exceptional service is open and strong communication skills guided by solid principles. By empowering customer service professionals to learn how to effectively tap into their aptly prepared communication toolkits, they will unlock their power to provide exemplary internal and external service.

Approach to Customer Service Training

We offer virtual and in-person group trainings that teach individuals to learn about themselves, others, and the importance of communicating openly and with confidence. We focus on both individual and group performance to elevate the overall experience both internally and externally.

Cannonball University

Cannonball University is our online portal that offers access to training materials. Individuals enrolled in the coaching program receive customized and personalized information at their fingertips.

Guided Group Sessions

Guided by our high-level mindset, group sessions have an overarching strategy and individual goal focused on intentional outcomes. Sessions teach specific skills through interactive learning.

Kickoff Seminar

To get started, we bring the training to you and facilitate an in-person kickoff seminar to set the tone, intentions, and cadence for the program.​



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