What You Can’t Be Taught, But Need to Learn to Be Successful in Life [Hint: It’s Self Worth]

An important aspect of our personal being – something we need to learn in life – is ironically, something that cannot be taught. No Google search will yield the exact results or offer the resources you need. There is no teacher, parent, book, or podcast that can offer the one thing, which will have the most impact on your life.

So what is that one thing? It is the idea and value of your individual self-worth. 

Self-Worth and What It Means

Self-worth is directly related to self-esteem and how we feel about who we are as a person and an individual. We may feel great at times and maybe not-so-great at others – and that is completely normal. But, at our very core, we need to feel good about who we are and value ourselves enough to be proud of our place and purpose and believe we are valuable. 

The other day, I was thinking a lot about self-worth and how we all – as kids and adults and through all stages of our lives – crave to be included and accepted. And oftentimes when we don’t feel included or accepted, we look inward and the first question we ask is, “what is wrong with me?” We immediately question or own abilities, values, and worth. In many cases, the exclusion is far from being the fault of the individual and more on the fault of the offender. But that rationale is difficult to grasp when going through it. 

Measuring Self-Worth

We all use some sort of measurement that gives us value and determines our self-worth. Do you look at yourself in the mirror and let that dictate how you feel about yourself? Do you feel a certain way when you look at your net worth or bank account? Do you feel like you are only good at your job when you receive recognition? Do you scroll through your social media feed and feel like you are behind or not reaching your potential? 

In reality, all of the above matter in some way, but do not matter in terms of evaluating your value or determining your self-worth. Unfortunately, these toxic habits are second-nature to so many and become the foundation for an unhealthy outlook and devalued self-worth. 

So What Can You Do To Learn Self-Worth?

If self-worth cannot be taught or learned in a simple lesson, then how can individuals find their self-worth? How can they ensure their self-worth is positive and becomes the foundation of personal growth and reaching their own potential?

The key is to find your purpose and live it.  Create a life of meaning and purpose. When we operate from a place of gratitude and fulfillment and are confident in what we are doing and how we are serving the world, we feel worthy. 

Someone once said that you don’t have to save the world. You can simply save one person to make a difference – and it is okay if that one person is you. Save yourself first by creating a life of meaning and valuing yourself enough to elevate your self-worth and reach your potential.

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