Lisa Parrish

Lisa Parrish

Lisa Parrish.”


Well, she’s at least the winner for this episode. Why? Check out her title: She’s owner, partner, and Chief Creative Chick at Team PMP. They host the Gold Nugget Awards, MAME Awards, and National Sales & Marketing Awards.


Don’t think high school superlatives.


Think the Oscars.


Lisa came on our Cannonball Mindset podcast to share her personal story of taking over the family business, and how it’s inspiring home builders across the world. She told us what it’s like being a woman entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry. You don’t want to miss this episode.

Yellow Page Salesman to California Dreamin’: The Evolution of A Company

Here’s how the oldest and highest-regarded design awards ended up with Lisa Parrish:


<“People come from China, India, and all over the world to accept their Gold Nugget awards.” — Lisa Parrish>


Her dad was a born salesman, selling Yellow Page ads in Chicago, winning awards for top producer. In 1968, he decided he’d move the family to California, where he landed a job with the Home Buyer’s Guide.


Let’s step back in time before the Internet, digital media, and Google Maps. The Home Buyer’s Guide was how builders let their potential customers see their well-designed communities and homes. Builders would buy full-page spreads to show off their creativity. The back of the guide contained a map, showing you where each of the communities was located.


Her dad was selling those ads to homebuilders.

He Dove in, & Became Friends With Everyone in the Homebuilding Industry

Her dad became friends with anyone and everyone in the industry — from the homebuilders to the ad agencies. Eventually, he worked his way up to publisher and landed himself on the Sales and Marketing council of the BIA (Building Industry Association).


Here, industry leaders swapped best practices and thought leadership on marketing and sales. That’s when it hit him — “There’s no recognition for all the amazing work these homebuilders are doing.”


So he created a recognition program called the MAME Awards for builders in Southern California. He hit a home run. (MAME stands for Major Achievement in Marketing Excellence).


<“For entrepreneurs, there’s no paycheck that comes to the door every 2 weeks. You have to make it happen.” — Lisa Parrish>


Once the MAME ceremony in Southern California was over, the builders association in San Francisco called — they wanted the same thing for their town. Then Houston called. Then Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas. … Associations across the country wanted to recognize their local builders.

Like Father Like Daughter … Nordstrom to Showbiz in 1 Night

Want to know how Lisa became the Chief Creative Chick? It all started one night in Los Angeles, in front of a crowd of 1,000 people.


Lisa was happily working at Nordstrom. Fresh out of college, she had her sights set on becoming a buyer for them, so she stuck her foot in the door as an associate, and got to work.


Meanwhile, her dad was running awards ceremonies all across the country. One evening her dad needed help in Los Angeles, so LIsa hopped on board for the evening.


It was LA, it was packed, and the event went off like magic. She was hooked: “I haven’t looked back since.”


Now, the company, Team PMP, also owns the Gold Nugget Awards, the oldest, largest, and highest regarded design awards in the world. Also, Lisa recently made her last payment to her father: She and her husband, Shane, are now the sole owners of the company.

3 Lessons From the Chief Creative Chick

Creating confidence for other women:

I asked Lisa what’s it like leading a company in a male-dominated industry. She sees the world changing as women gain confidence. As more women become leaders, they spread confidence to other women, creating a positive cycle. “The world of the old white guys leading the board rooms is going away.”


<“The world of the old white guys leading the board rooms is going away.” — Lisa Parrish>

Trust, love, & respect:

Lisa says they’ve been blessed to partner and work with those they trust, love, and respect in the homebuilding industry. But I can also speak to Lisa’s character. I talked with one of her colleagues, who noted that Lisa and Shane’s characters are so strong, that he’s never heard one negative word about either of them.

On connecting people:

Lisa’s dad taught her that the real magic is bringing people together. If you can connect all the dots, that’s the gift. Connecting two people and watching a project, an idea, or a career flourish brings true fulfillment. “That’s how you succeed in this crazy place.”

Where Do You Want to Be in 50 Years From Now?

I asked Lisa my favorite question: 50 years from now, what does she want to know she’s’ accomplished?


Her answer was beautifully simple:


“That I made everyone happy.”


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