Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler

Headline: How To Build Your Life Resume


Most people live 80% versions of themselves. They haven’t even scratched the surface of what they can accomplish.


Jesse Itzler is on a mission to change that with Build Your Life Resume.


A former rapper, serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, owner of the Atlanta Hawks, father, and husband, he’s lived a lot of life. His diverse career background and life experience was all intentionality on his part. Things didn’t just happen to him, he created those opportunities.


People were constantly asking him for meetings to discuss business and life coaching advice, but he couldn’t take every single meeting request he received. So he thought about the potential of offering a course to help instead. This way he could serve several people at the same time.


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In the past, he’d spoken at masterminds and on other courses where he noticed that they were pretty cookie cutter or were simply a video to watch. There was no pulse on the group that was going through the course. If he was going to create a course, he wanted it to look differently.


He wanted to be accessible to the group that went through the course.


So he created a curriculum and a one-to-many group coaching platform and made himself available to them for eight weeks. Finding the right topic would be the first challenge because the inspiration was outside the typical course you saw on the market. While most courses were measurable like growing your instagram following or email list, his would be about living a better life. Not easily measurable.


He started by taking everything he’s learned and looking at it from 30,000 ft. Everything he’s experienced in life, business, and wellness and package it into an eight-week program. He priced it reasonably and offered the course with a 14-day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. The first iteration was born two weeks after this idea. To this day, he continues to tweak the content and reopen the course every eight weeks.


“I’ve gotten  more out of it than anybody. Sometimes teaching, thinking, and memorializing some of these moments… it inspires me.” -Jesse Itzler


He learns from the life lessons of those who take the course.


Death To Routine


If there’s one thing Jesse values in life it’s newness. Something he teaches about in the course. No matter what he accomplished in life, whether it was rapping, creating Marquis Jets, writing a book, or owning a basketball team, he never wanted it to stay the same. There was no way he would continue doing the same thing over 30 years; newness was too important to him.


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“If you live in routine, the clock goes faster and then all of sudden you have a bunch of regrets.”


Sometimes it has to do with the tyranny of “or”- I can do this OR I can do this… And other times, we create “buckets” in our lives and think we can only go all in for one of them.


The unfortunate reality is that most of us live in routine. But Jesse wants you to welcome newness and change into your life. Don’t take life too seriously.


But, there is one caveat to that piece of advice… there are some things you will need to take off the table. You may be able to negotiate some of your goals and aspirations, but there are some things you can’t. For example, Jesse and his wife Sara Blakely have completely taken divorce off the table. That’s a non negotiable.


Jesse has two rules for everything when it comes to saying Yes:


  1. Low aggravation
  2. High reward


When you’re younger, you can handle a lot of aggravation. In fact, you often need a lot of aggravation to gain some reward. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to mean attending tons of meetings, networking, laughing at jokes that aren’t funny, going to every dinner, late nights, and figuring it all out on the way.


But as you get older, there’s a fundamental shift. You no longer want or need that high aggravation business or relationship-  you want as little aggravation as possible. Of course there are going to be “aggravations” that you can’t predict, but you don’t want to bring in any unnecessary aggravation, no matter the reward. So Jesse is always thinking about low aggravation and high reward before saying yes.


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So What Is A Life Resume?


Can you name ten big moments you had in 2018?

How many are clear and amazing memories?

What is something you haven’t started yet that you’ve been thinking about for months or years?

Are you great at only one thing? Do you desire more newness in your life?


Building your life resume starts by tapping into the reserved tank we all have, but most don’t access. That reserve tank is full of potential, ability, and willpower to accomplish greater things. It’s the difference between living an 80% version of yourself and a 100% version.


How much of your life are you living?


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