Jeff Ragan

Jeff Ragan

If Gary Vee is Robin Hood, Jeff Ragan is Batman.


He’s lurking in the dark, quietly spreading joy and changing lives in the world.


Jeff is Founder and CEO at Kize Concepts, an energy bar company dedicated to changing the world. They’ve served millions of meals in Haiti and locally. He came on the Cannonball Mindset podcast to talk about success, what it means to be on a mission, and how you can make an impact in the world.


Here’s what he had to say.

1: Sometimes It’s Enough To Know What Success Isn’t

When he graduated college, Jeff had vision of what he thought it mean to be successful.


After school, he thought he was going to get out there, get the high-rise apartment in the cool part of town, make lots of money, and wear a suit. You get the picture.


But when he got on the other side, he realized those things weren’t making him happy. He was working and partying on the weekends, but he wasn’t fulfilled. His thought bubble on success started to burst.


He moved back to his mom’s house and started some self-discovery. Jeff thought about who he was at his core and what would make him happy and fulfilled. He realized volunteering and serving others were what made him feel most alive.


Eventually, he arrived at three specific things he was really passionate about: helping people, health and fitness, and entrepreneurship.

He started teaching bootcamps and doing health coaching. Through these experiences, he kept hearing people say, “I want to be healthier but healthy eating sucks.”

So, he tried tweaking a recipe of some oatmeal bars he used to make. People loved them. Kize energy bars were born.


Jeff and his team have made it their mission to change the world. They see a need and they feed it. They’ve served meals to thousands in Haiti and locally. They’ve built a house for orphans. They’ve built a medical clinic. (And that’s all just the beginning.)


Whether you’re aware of it or not, what you think success is, that’s what you pursue. What you believe will make you happy and fulfill you, that’s what you will pursue. And a lot of people do a lot of things that don’t actually fulfill them.


Don’t know what success means to you?


That’s okay.

You can probably tell me one thing you know you don’t want to do.


And that’s a good place to start.

2: We’re All on a Mission for Something

One day, Jeff and his team were meeting with a buyer at Walmart. She loved the product: “You guys are definitely going to get bought. It’s a good product, and good story. So what’s your plan for that?”


Jeff realized their plan was the same it’s been — figure out how to get better today, and determine how to make a bigger difference in the lives of everyone on our team, in our city, in our community, and beyond.

Here’s the sitch: We’re all on a mission for something. You might be on a mission to be happy. Or maybe you’re on a mission to build up your portfolio.  We all have a mission mindset, whether we’re aware of it our not. And we all have the right to choose.


We can choose to serve people, or we can choose to serve ourselves.


Think about this: it’s more life-giving to serve others.

3: You Don’t Have To Go Across the World to Make a Difference

You don’t have to go across the world to make a difference. Look in your own family, your own friend circle. Look across the street or in your workplace. Somebody is there and you can make a difference in their life.


See the need, feed the need.


That might mean actually feeding people. But sometimes it just means listening or staying in touch. Simply loving people.


And for entrepreneurs, it’s tempting to think about giving later. You might think, “Well I’m not there yet, but when i get to the next level, then I’ll start giving.”


By doing this, you’re creating the habit of not giving. It’s a lot easier to give ten bucks than it is to give ten million. So, set your heart right, and start giving now.


Remember: everyone has a mission mindset: What’s yours?

What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be?

We put this question to every guest:


Jeff’s answer: “To be marked with love.”


Enough said!


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