Amer Syed

Amer Syed

There’s a large number of people young and old with detrimental mindsets. Whether it’s a focus on perceived scarcity, a sense of entitlement, or unteachability, many people fail at discovering the abundance they could.


There’s no one who understands better the failure of these mentalities and the joy of breaking out of them than Amer Syed.


Amer is a VP of Sales and Marketing in the new home industry and winner of the GHBA Rookie of the Year Award. He’s had an amazing career as a sales agent and an even more fulfilling career as a leader of teams of agents.


But what stands out most about Amer is his story of becoming a person who practices an abundance mindset and sees selflessness as the key to ultimate success and fulfillment.

Nobody’s Above a Job or an Ass-whooping

When you fall on your ass, that’s when you realize you need to invest in yourself and make yourself smarter.


When Amer got out of school he thought he was what everyone wanted. He had just gotten his MBA and was looking to grab his dream job. He tried and failed.


Amer credits his failure to an entitlement mindset. He thought because he studied, he deserved it. He thought he was above certain work and entitled to the work he wanted.


<“Nothing is supposed to happen. You’re supposed to earn it.” – Amer Syed>


He fell flat on his face, but it changed him. It gave him a determination and a new mindset. His mindset changed to one that was willing to listen to advice and ask for help, to fail forward.


Amer’s dad gave him the advice to go get his license, that he would never know if he would need it and that it would be a good thing to have just in case.


When he didn’t get the high power, high paying job he thought he deserved, he took up real estate; and one aspect of this new job changed the way he thought about all of work.


Performance Based Compensation: Hustle Gets you Money


It’s interesting that the majority of people if offered a 75k a year salaried job or a commission job with the possibility to make 200k will choose the salary.


Amer says there are two reasons for this:


  1. The enemy of great is good.


People often choose what’s comfortable over what will elevate them. There’s nothing wrong with people who choose a career they love that is salaried, but so many people compromise their potential for the sake of comfort.


  1. The scarcity mindset vs. the abundance mindset.


Many people view opportunity and resources as scarce so they need to try to make themselves as secure as they can. Others have an abundance mindset. There is an abundance of resources and opportunity and all they need to do is go out and capture their share of the market.


Taking Care of the Machine: 7 Behaviors to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset


If you want to control your destiny, you have to take care of the machine. Your own effort is the source of your revenue, and your mind is the engine that keeps you going, therefore you need to cultivate your mind.


Amer gives 7 key behaviors


  1. Be around the right people.


It’s not just about finding people who can pull you up; find people who you can lift up and hold close the people who are committed to making you stronger. Look for those who support you and want to make you better.


  1. Hustle.


An abundant life is available for those who want it. If you want something in life and you bust your ass, you can get it.


Of course there are physical limitations, not everyone is cut out for pro basketball. But the achievers are those who understand that their own hard work is their only chance at getting what they want.


<“If you want to get something done, it’s up to you to do it.”> – Amer Syed


  1. See Opportunity.


Learn to see that there’s more out there for you. Don’t rely on accomplishments of the past, Look at what you can do with your future.


  1. Read.


When Amer’s father gave him the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” at 13 years old, he put it on the shelf. Like many young people, he did not enjoy reading, and he thought he knew it all.


That is until a friend of his said to him, “those who don’t read are no better than those who can’t.” Dale Carnegie’s book is now a required reading for anyone Amer hires.


  1. Enroll in Drive-time University.


If you’re on the road what are you doing? This is the time you have to invest in yourself. Listen to books and podcasts that will grow and strengthen your mind.


  1. Ignore Naysayers.


You can’t completely avoid it; there are going to be people around you like this, but you don’t have to listen to them. Ignore them if you can and look positive both who can grow you and who you can grow.


  1. Join a Mastermind


This was Amer’s 40th birthday request and one of the best investments in himself he’s ever made. It put him around sales leaders who could mutually encourage and strengthen one another, pouring knowledge and wisdom into each other. He highly recommends this to anyone looking to invest in oneself.


Fulfillment Through Growing Others

When Amer moved from being a salesperson on the floor to being a leader, many of his coworkers said he would miss the thrill of the sale. What he found was the opposite.


<“Helping people is more fulfilling than any sale.” – Amer Syed>


The moment he realized he had helped 30 people fulfill their goal, not just himself, It changed his life. He was surprised to find more fulfillment out of helping his team become better than any of his individual accolades.


Why? Amer says he never aspired to be a new home salesperson; he got to it just by opportunity and being a natural connector. His core purpose was to make an impact and be added to the backdrop of other people’s lives.


Because of this, whenever he’d make a sale, he’d get a thrill of fulfillment. But growing other successful people, Amer says, blows away any of those individual sales.


The most challenging, but most important aspect of any leader is putting others before yourself. A true leader is not someone who barks orders, it’s someone who wants to get to the heart of the other person.


<“Being a great leader is wanting the people around you to be better than you ever were.” – Amer Syed>


Putting others first is not easy, but it always pays. Going from salesperson to sales leader, you give up the ability to focus on yourself. But you’ll grow exponentially if you have the mindset that you’re there to make everyone around you better.

What Do You Want Your Contribution to have Been?

Amer answered this question with whether its tomorrow or 40 years from now he wants the lasting impact he leaves to be the fact that he cared and that his wife and kids could have the best life possible.


<“plan like you’ll live forever, live like you’ll die tomorrow” – Amer Syed>


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