When the Green Flag Waves, Will You Be Ready?

Right now, we are in a pause. It’s a hold on life. It’s a caution period in the race.

While I am not necessarily a NASCAR expert, I feel like we’ve been in this speeding car race going down the speedway, looping around, and trying to find that checkered flag. We’ve been whizzing through life, laser-focused on making it across the finish line and trying to beat out everyone else.

However, because one of the cars spun out and created a dangerous situation that brought us to a sudden halt, we are now in a caution period. As drivers, we are trying to learn more about what happened on the track that brought the race to a pause. We are asking questions about the cause and how it can be prevented. We are cruising by, moving around the track, and wondering when – and even if – we will see that green flag wave again.

At this moment, it feels like we are on lap 50 of the caution period. We’ve been riding around, waiting and not getting enough information to give us any sort of timing as to when the race will start up again. This is when our faith is tested.

During these recent laps, we started looking around at the scenery and seeing other drivers. We noticed drivers navigating this time in different ways. Some drivers are on pit road. Their team is checking the tire pressure, suspension, and ensuring their car is ready to get back to the race when it’s go-time. Other drivers just keep riding around and seem to look a bit lost. And some drivers are mentally and physically exhausted so they decided they had enough and quit.

But, there are still drivers who are ready. They optimistically have their cars in the best possible shape. They stopped on pit road, recharged, and are back to revolving around the race track waiting for the go-ahead. Those are the drivers that have maintained their hope that the race will begin soon. They have never taken their eyes off victory lane. They have complete faith and know that the race will start again, and when it does, they will be ready to perform.

In this world – in its current existence – which driver do you want to be? Did you stop on pit road? Are you still just revolving around the race track? Or did you drop out? 

In case you didn’t already realize it, the race will start again. So let’s hope when it does, that you are in your best shape and ready to head toward that checkered flag.

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