The Most Important Step in Networking…

You’re headed out the door to a networking event/sales meeting. Make sure you don’t leave home without doing this!
Throw your business cards in the TRASH! That’s right.
Are you still using business cards in networking? Let’s think– how many business cards do you actually keep when they are given to you? Most business cards end up in someone else’s trashcan so save yourself the trouble and ditch them yourself. 
To me, the business card transition is equivalent to the white flag of surrender. You have gotten as far as you think you can in this interaction so you hand your business card with this underlying message, “I give up, let me hand you my card and hope that you call me.”
Instead try this: While outside the box, it’s a more effective way to keep the relationship going long after the first meet. After the initial meeting or sales presentation, pull out your cell phone and say, “let me send you my cell # in case something comes up and you need me before we meet or talk again.” While they give it to you, dial it in and say, “I’m texting you now so you have my contact info and I have yours.”
Two critical things happen that moment:
  1. You have their contact information and they have yours.
  2. You have already broken the seal of the first follow-up call. No psychological barrier to be broken down now.
Seriously, if you’re still using business cards, leave them at home next to your Commodore 64 and let’s try this new age way of prospecting.

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